Western Fresh Marketing is the major supplier of Quince (membrillo) in the U.S.A. and proud to be the largest importer of Chilean Quince. We have a very robust program, working with growers in California and importing from Chile. We ship from the central valley and coolers on the East Coast to all over the U.S. Normally, our Quince reach the market first and last longer than most of our competitors.

Quince Food Facts

Quinces can be round, oval or somewhat pear shaped. Their appearance resembles a golden apple or pear. Choose those that are firm with a pale-yellow skin. The yellow skin is often somewhat mottled with brown spots that don’t affect the flavor or quality. Quinces that are shriveled, soft, or brown all over are no longer fresh.

Ways to Eat

Because of their firmness and sour taste, quinces are almost always peeled, sweetened, and cooked – frequently into preserves. In the cooking process, the flesh turns a delicate pink and emits a delightful perfume-like fragrance.


California – Pineapple
Chile – Champion

Source & Availability

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California: October—January

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California: April—June

Nutritional Facts

Quince Nutritionals

Fun facts

Cultivation of the quince began in Mesopotamia, this “golden apple” was cultivated by the Greeks as it traveled into the Eastern Mediterranean. It has a yellowish skin, white flesh, and an acidic, pineapple flavor.

Quince, like the apple and guava, produces a natural pectin when cooked, making it ideal for jellies.