Asian Pears

Western Fresh Marketing is the largest importer of Asian Pears from Chile. We also represent growers in the central valley of California. This network of growers has ensured Western Fresh Marketing dominates the market for this fruit.

Asian Pear, Apple Pear, Sand Pear, or Nashi—no matter what you know it as, you can count on us to have this juicy and flavorful fruit when most don’t.


This fruit calls attention to itself with its plump globular shape and a spectrum of ochre russet to smooth yellow hues; round like an apple with the skin of a pear. The flavor is outstanding, suggestive of brown sugar and butterscotch. Asian pears are firm when ripe and can be stored for months after picking. They are juicy and flavorful and often make good dessert pears.

Ways to Eat

Bite into the skin and eat around the core or slice the pear up and enjoy it that way. There is really no difference from how you go about eating an apple.


Nijisseki, Hosui and Shinko

Source & Availability

US Flag

California: July—February

Chile Flag

Chile: March—July

Nutritional Facts

Asian Pears Nutritionals

Fun facts

Chinese traditional Medicine lists the fruit as a cure for coughs and bronchial ailments.

Some believe that eating Asian pears or drinking their juice before a night out will mitigate any day-after effects of alcohol.