Western Fresh Marketing represents a number of California Growers of Fuyu Persimmon variety. This delectable, versatile fruit is available in the fall from California and spring time from Chile. Persimmons are a short, squatty fruit reminiscent of a tomato. When the fruit is orange, it is ready to eat. This delicious fruit is best eaten when hard and crunchy. This sweet fruit is an excellent addition to salads, fruit trays and meat and cheese platters . You can eat them out of hand like an apple – enjoy them while you can as the season is short!

FUyu Gonna Call?

For the perfect snack buster, look no further than the Fuyu Persimmons. You can eat them out of hand like an apple or pear, and there isn’t any need to peel them. This brightly colored, glossy orange-red skinned fruit is an excellent source of vitamin A, a good source of vitamin C, and rich in fiber.

Ways to Eat

Fuyu’s can also be used like apples and pears in fruit salads, cobblers, or crisps, and are sturdy enough to be used in stir-fries as well. Fuyu’s do not darken when cut, so they can be sliced and made part of a vegetable or fruit tray. A squeeze of lime perks up their flavor even more.


Fuyu persimmons

Source & Availability

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California: September—December

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Chile: May—July

Nutritional Facts

Persimmons Nutritionals

Fun facts

The oriental persimmon is native to China, where it has been cultivated for centuries and more than two thousand different cultivars exist. It spread to Korea and Japan many years ago where additional cultivars were developed.

Fate intervened in the 1880s when a United States Commander brought back a native Japanese persimmon variety to Washington, D.C. The plant was introduced to California in the mid 1800s and hundreds of different varieties flourish here now.