The Sugar Plum needs no introduction. Its appearance is that of a gigantic purple grape. It is one of the few plums with a non-bitter skin.

Its golden flesh is followed by nature’s second honey that comes rushing forward to greet your taste buds with every bite. It has been said "the rays of the sun have been captured and stored beneath the flesh" of this singular fruit to only be set free when tasted.
Sugar Plums
The fruit calls attention to itself with its plump globular shape and a spectrum of ochre russet to smooth yellow hues; round like an apple with the skin of a pear. The flavor is outstanding, suggestive of brown sugar and butterscotch. Asian pears are firm when ripe and can be stored for months after picking. They are juicy and flavorful and often make good dessert pears.
Asian Pears
The pomegranate is native from Iran to the Himalayas in northern India and was cultivated and naturalized over the whole Mediterranean region since ancient times.

Pomegranate fruit have a round, spherical shape. Inside, you'll find dozens of small ruby-colored seeds. The pomegranate fruit has a citrus flavor and is very juicy. There are many drinks and even foods that are made with the pomegranate fruit.
Pomegranate Fruit
Persimmons' origins go back to ancient China. Fate intervened in the 1880’s when a United States Commander brought back a native Japanese persimmon variety to Washington, D.C. Now, persimmons are grown in California where hundreds of different varieties flourish. This brightly colored, glossy orange red skinned fruit is an excellent source of vitamin A, a good source of vitamin C, and rich in fiber.
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