Kiwifruit packs a lot of nutrition into a small, fuzzy package. Each one is loaded with nutrients that can help fight off disease, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, boost energy and help keep you healthy ... all in a fruit that's fun and flavorful!

Papaya is called fruit of the angels by Conquistadors because of its heavenly taste. In its prime, it is a cerise-orange colored, unbelievably juicy fruit with an aroma to match its heavenly taste. Not only is papaya beautiful, fragrant and luscious, it is amazingly healthful!
Figs’ full flavor and chewy texture make them a tasty, nutritious addition to your healthful diet. Whether you savor flavorful figs as a snack or in your favorite recipes, figs are always rich in complex carbohydrates, a good source of dietary fiber and a wealth of essential minerals such as potassium, iron and calcium.
Citrus fruits have been cultivated in Sicily for some time and cultivation has been documented since the time of Moorish rule.

Our Melogold Grapefruit, Oro Blanco Grapefruit, Murcott Tangerines, Satsuma Oranges, Blood Oranges, and Cara Cara Oranges are renowned for their sweetness, flavor, and vibrancy!
Specialty Citrus
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